Enterprise introduction

Shaanxi Qi Feng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, has a registered capital of 30 million. Based on the national level (Meixian) Kiwi Industrial Park, deep ploughing of kiwi fruit industry for 20 years, mainly engaged in the planting of Kiwi base, the purchase and storage, sorting packaging to transport and sale of the whole industry chain business. In accordance with the concept of “good fruit starting from planting”, Qi Feng is committed to the development of domestic fruit standardization, industrialization, brand, scale, Internet, and internationalization.

The company has 150 gas storage tanks with 30 thousand tons of storage, 14 packaged production lines imported from France, 400 tons of daily sorting, 3 standardized packaging workshops, 10 thousand square meters of area, and more than 5000 mu of the own organic kiwi production base. 11 direct market, 14 Direct stores throughout the key cities.