Industrial layout

2018年5月20日Electronic Commerce

1. Build an elite e-commerce team and develop an e-commerce Community Alliance. Qi Feng fruit industry set up network sales department in June 2013 and began Internet marketing. In June 2014, Qi Feng, a Agel Ecommerce Ltd registered in Shanghai, became the marketing and operation center of the electronic commerce of Qi Feng fruit industry. […]

2018年5月20日Agricultural business

1. the establishment of agricultural electricity supplier company, the implementation of standardized kiwifruit cultivation. In order to improve the quality of the fruit of kiwi fruit and realize the “good fruit start from the planting”, the kiwi industry can continue to develop healthily. In 2014, Qi Feng’s fruit industry began to plan and build the […]

2018年5月20日good fruit from planting

Based on the idea of “good fruit from planting”, we aim to provide consumers with “delicious, safe and healthy” fruits. In 2012, Qi Feng fruit industry built 3000 mu kiwi fruit base in golden canal town in Meixian County; in 2016, 1000 mu of export no pesticide base was established in Hanzhoung, Shaanxi. The base […]