good fruit from planting

Based on the idea of “good fruit from planting”, we aim to provide consumers with “delicious, safe and healthy” fruits. In 2012, Qi Feng fruit industry built 3000 mu kiwi fruit base in golden canal town in Meixian County; in 2016, 1000 mu of export no pesticide base was established in Hanzhoung, Shaanxi. The base hired professor Liu Zhande, the chief expert of the kiwifruit of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, as a technical consultant to guide the fruit farmers to standardize the garden in strict accordance with the standardization model. To carry out the key technologies such as formula fertilization, artificial pollination, flower thinning and fruit thinning, fruit bagging, orchard grasses and diseases and insect pests, the production of organic kiwi fruit is carried out, and the reasonable harvest time is determined, and the fresh fruit of kiwi fruit is stored scientifically to ensure the beauty of the fruit, the good taste, the good nutrition, the good nutrition and the good quality.

Qi Feng fruit industry through the establishment of its own base, standardize the planting of kiwi fruit, build a safe fruit planting base, demonstration to promote the development of Shaanxi Meixian base, Shaanxi Hanzhoung base, Sichuan Pujiang base Kiwi industry development, to achieve “good fruit from the planting start”.