Agricultural business

1. the establishment of agricultural electricity supplier company, the implementation of standardized kiwifruit cultivation.

In order to improve the quality of the fruit of kiwi fruit and realize the “good fruit start from the planting”, the kiwi industry can continue to develop healthily. In 2014, Qi Feng’s fruit industry began to plan and build the Qi Feng agricultural e-commerce project. It went deep into the villages and villages in Meixian, and built the credit system and the agricultural logistics distribution network for the whole year. In 2016, 5 million yuan was invested, and the “Shaanxi Qi Feng agricultural electronic business science and Technology Co., Ltd.” was set up to solve the problem of farmers’ disorderly fertilization, misuse of pesticides, the disunity of operation technology and the large investment in agricultural investment from the source. Through the promotion of standardized planting of kiwi fruit, the development of Shaanxi Meixian base, Shaanxi Hanzhoung base, Sichuan Pujiang base and kiwi fruit industry will be demonstrated to realize the mutual benefit of enterprises and farmers.