Electronic Commerce

1. Build an elite e-commerce team and develop an e-commerce Community Alliance.

Qi Feng fruit industry set up network sales department in June 2013 and began Internet marketing. In June 2014, Qi Feng, a Agel Ecommerce Ltd registered in Shanghai, became the marketing and operation center of the electronic commerce of Qi Feng fruit industry. In January 2015, we registered the Shaanxi fruit fruit e-commerce company in Meixian, vigorously exploring the Internet development cooperation mode.

At present, Qi Feng fruit industry team has been expanded from the original Meixian to Xi’an, Guangzhou, Shanghai, the layout of the country, the final formation of the Xi’an operation team as the core, Shanghai as the front position, radiating the national e-commerce elite alliance matrix. By constantly absorbing young business talent, to create a young, dynamic, rich Internet thinking of the electricity supplier operation team.